Lehighton Electronics provides non-contact, non-destructive, in-process and post-process measurement and mapping of sheet resistance and carrier mobility of semiconducting and conducting layers and thin films on semiconducting and insulation substrates, enabling manufacturers to meet tight specifications in the most demanding applications, and minimize manufacturing cost by maximizing process yield and efficiency.

Contactless Metrology Instrumentation -Lehighton Electronics

Fotonika’s solution partner Lehighton Electronics LEI is a true pioneer in the design and development of contactless metrology instrumentation.
LEI offers the semiconductor industry’s first and only non-destructive means of measuring carrier mobility, sheet charge density, and sheet resistance.  In a rare win-win-win, 1600-series users are able to increase sample size and stop sacrificing expensive substrates, all while dramatically improving measurement accuracy (when compared to van der Pauw Hall method).

Whatever your application need, LEI has an instrument to suit. Manual, automatic, robotic, multi-cassette…there’s a system to match your budget and enable smooth process flow. Fotonika will provide you an  Application Analysis Form that takes the guesswork out of system selection, and decades of production-level experience means that LEI instruments offer seamless, hassle-free networking and integration with your process protocol.