KeithLink Technology Co., Ltd. has been providing “Probing and Measurement Total Solution Provider” as our company business direction.

Self Manufactured Manual Prober (Probe Station/Micromanipulator)
The prober covers a variety of applications, such as wafer (DC or RF) measurement, LCD Panel measurement, Four Point Sheet / Resistivity / Conductivity measurement for film, such as ITO/PET or ITO/Glass on touch panel, conductive polymer, silicon wafer, thin film solar cell, metal film, and others. It also applies to Solar Cell measurement, Flexible Display Measurement, Hall Effect Measurement, and customized measurement.
Keithley Instrument and system integrator
Keithley Instrument as well as keithley instrument based software are provided, developed, such as MOSFET I-V, Four Point Sheet Resistivity, Temperature-Resistance, Solar Cell Efficiency, etc., and integrated with manual prober as the total solution for device characterization measurement in the fields of Semiconductor and Electronics.
PLED/OLED Test Systems
Luminance-Current-Voltage (LIV) measurement system, Lifetime test system, and Photoelectric test system for device characteristics, lifetime parameters, and defect analysis of Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) , Organic Solar Cells (OPVs) and Organic Sensors.
Device Characterization Measurement Service
Consulting and providing the measurement services for the customer with limited budget.
(1) Low Current/Low Voltage Measurement
(2) Four Point Resistivity Measurement
(3) Contact Resistance Measurement
(4) Hall Effect Voltage Measurement
(5) Capacitance, Voltage Measurement
(6) Pulse IV Measurement
(7) LCD Panel/LCM Panel Light Up Inspection and Measurement Service

Probe Card Maintenance
Probe Needle Services of alignment, co planarity, grinding, and etching for probe card maintenance.