Centrotherm Clean Solutions’ competence in the field of chemistry and process engineering is particularly oriented at the treatment of exhaust gas and wastewater as well as the gas recycling industry. Globally, our services are trusted by numerous leading companies in the semiconductor and photovoltaic industry.

Waste Gas Removal Solutions for Semiconductor, MEMS, and Optoelectronic Processes


Exhaust Gas Treatment and Gas Purification for Semiconductor- and Solar-Industries as well as for MEMS.

The properties of the special granulates are:

·        Safe, non-combustible inorganic medium (no charcoal)

·        Highest capacities

·        Unique customised material compositions

·        No consumption of electricity, city water, oxygen, nitrogen

·        No secondary emissions to the environment

·        Excellent Cost-of-Ownership

·        Irreversible conversion of hazardous gases to stable inorganic solids at ambient temperature


The refillable canisters are:

·        Reusable

·        UN-approved for transportation

·        Local disposal service worldwide

·        Maximum operational safety

·        No exposure to chemicals

·        Hermetically sealed modules


Turn-Key Customer Support:

·        Turn-key service  & disposal solutions

·        Recycling of granulates

·        Certified worldwide disposal service

·        Non-hazardous solid waste