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Çözüm Ortaklarımız

Kurt J. Lesker Company

Kurt J. Lesker Company is the leading global provider of exceptional customer service and high-quality vacuum equipment, with a goal of enabling the innovation, creation, and advancement of a vast array of products.
The depth and breadth of the markets we serve include: LEDs, Optics, UHV/Synchrotrons, Electronics, Wear and Decorative Coatings and R&D. Working side by side, we’re making an impact on the world today as well as a better tomorrow.

Disco Corporation

DISCO Corporation can look back on over 70 years of experience in the field of abrasive technologies and is the leading company for KIRU (Dicing), KEZURU (Grinding) and MIGAKU (Polishing). The need for more precise cutting, grinding and polishing of different material like silicon, glass or ceramics increases. Irrespective of the material, DISCO takes up every challenge to realize the best solutions for its customers. DISCO always works on the technologies in dicing and grinding ultra thin wafers, Dicing before Grinding, and Stress Relief process.

Sentech Instruments GmbH

SENTECH Instruments is a leading supplier of plasma process technology equipment for etching and deposition and thin film metrology instruments based on ellipsometry.
SENTECH Instruments has developed the advanced PTSA (planar triple spiral antenna) inductively coupled plasma source which provides the core plasma technology used in the ICP plasma etcher for low damage and high rate etching and which is used in the ICPECVD low temperature deposition systems. Only recently SENTECH Instruments expanded its ICPECVD processing by ALD and plasma enhanced ALD systems to be able to deposit highly conformal and dense thin metal oxide and metal layers.

Rortek GmbH

RORTEK develops and constructs systems for supplying high-purity media in the highest quality classes – assuring safety through the use of the very latest detection technology.
RORTEK offers many years of experience in the fields of (ultra-) high-purity, corrosive, toxic and explosive media. The expertise of the company is based on its highly sophisticated know-how in planning, consultancy, production, commissioning and monitoring completed by its permits and certificates that it has been awarded.
RORTEK combines maximum flexibility in the design and production of innovative systems with solid, practice oriented specialist knowledge acquired from a wide variety of different projects.

Nanometrics Inc.

Nanometrics is a leading provider of advanced, high-performance process control metrology and inspection systems used primarily in the fabrication of semiconductors and other solid-state devices, such as data storage components and discretes including high-brightness LEDs and power management components. Nanometrics’ automated and integrated metrology systems measure critical dimensions, device structures, overlay registration, topography and various thin film properties, including film thickness as well as optical, electrical and material properties. The company’s process control solutions are deployed throughout the fabrication process, from front-end-of-line substrate manufacturing, to high-volume production of semiconductors and other devices, to advanced wafer-scale packaging applications. Nanometrics’ systems enable advanced process control for device manufacturers, providing improved device yield at reduced manufacturing cycle time, supporting the accelerated product life cycles in the semiconductor market.

Centrotherm Clean Solutions’ competence in the field of chemistry and process engineering is particularly oriented at the treatment of exhaust gas and wastewater as well as the gas recycling industry. Globally, our services are trusted by numerous leading companies in the semiconductor and photovoltaic industry.

MTI Corporation, founded in 1994 by a group of material researchers from MIT and UC Berkeley, has now become the leading manufacturer of oxide crystals and substrates and lab equipment for material research. MTI provides high quality and low-cost precision machines for material research and R&D Labs, including: low speed cutting saw, wire diamond saw, auto polishing machine, high-temperature oven, tube furnace, and complete set of equipment for research of rechargeable battery materials. Simple to operate, low cost and commitment to our customers is our priority. MTI strives to become the world’s leader in bench-top machines for a material lab.

MMR Technologies has been the professional’s resource for modular, flexible, cost-effective benchtop systems and components. Inventor of the micro-miniature refrigerator, MMR supplies the leading-edge tools for variable-temperature solid-state characterization — for your materials research, biological and medical research and more.

Wafer Technology Ltd. is a U.K. based producer of III-V materials and epitaxy-ready substrates. The company has a long and well established history in the manufacture of compound semiconductors and offers the widest product range in the business. Wafer Technology’s unrivalled choice of material types and forms enables it to support almost any customer application.

SSI Inc specializes in the development of new technologies and products for the advanced materials, Solar Cell, nanotechnology, MEMs and Compound Semiconductor markets. SSI is known for its leadership and innovation in the fields of advanced materials and semiconductor processing. SSI has been very successful with its family of Rapid Thermal Processing systems.

Lehighton Electronics provides non-contact, non-destructive, in-process and post-process measurement and mapping of sheet resistance and carrier mobility of semiconducting and conducting layers and thin films on semiconducting and insulation substrates, enabling manufacturers to meet tight specifications in the most demanding applications, and minimize manufacturing cost by maximizing process yield and efficiency.

KP Technology was founded with the aim of bringing to the market new surface research tools and performs a significant amount of material research and training consultancy, mostly based upon the work function or surface potential evaluation of client samples. Along with a strong research and development division and over 500 systems shipped worldwide, this has placed KP Technology as the leading supplier of Kelvin probes in the world.

NxQ is committed to provide the best quality mask aligner and photolithography products at highly competitive prices, assuring your success.

KeithLink Technology Co., Ltd. has been providing “Probing and Measurement Total Solution Provider” as our company business direction.

Dynatex International has been the leader in dry process dicing and wafer dicing materials in a wide array of industries. We are committed to provide solutions for die/diode dicing and wafer processing applications and solutions designed to increase yields, maximize throughput, and minimize operator intervention.

Optimet’s unique non-contact measurement technology offers a measurement solution for many industrial and dental applications which, until now have been unmeasurable. Our sensors offer extreme precision with fast measurement rates of almost any shape or surface.

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Altyapı Kurulum Desteği

Amacınıza yönelik doğru altyapının kurulması için ihtiyaç belirlenmesinden anahtar teslimine kadar her aşamada yardımcı olmaktayız. Doğru ekipman seçimi, ekipman isterlerinin belirlenmesi, ekipmanın temini ve ekipmanın süreçlere entegre edilmesi basamaklarında ürün temsilcisi olarak değil tecrübeli kullanıcılar olarak yanınızdayız.

Temel Teknoloji Eğitimi

Ciddi bir tecrübeyi bünyesinde barındıran Fotonika A.Ş.

  • Temel temiz oda kullanımı,
  • Kristal ince film büyütme (MBE-MOCVD),
  • Mikrofabrikasyon süreçleri,
    –  Fotolitografi: Maske hizalama , fotorezistler ve teknikler,
    –  PVD: Termal buharlaştıma, tozutma (sputtering), e-beam buharlaştırma teknikleri,
    –  CVD: (IC)PECVD – ALD ve diğer kaplama teknikleri,
    –  (ICP)RIE ve diğer aşındırma teknikleri,
    –  Yonga tümleştirme ve mekanik işlemler, kesim, öğütme ve parlatma,
  • Elektro-optik aygıt nitelendirme,

Konularına yeni olanlar için temel eğitim ve konumlarını güçlendirmek isteyenler için ileri seviyede eğitim olanağı sunmaktadır.

Ürün/Bileşen/Süreç geliştirme desteği

Fotonika, yarı iletken sektöründe araştırma sürecinizin aşamalarında ya da üretim zincirinizde karşılaşabileceğiniz engelleri en kolay ve en çabuk şekilde aşmanız için kritik yüksek teknolojiler geliştirirken edindiği 10 yılı aşkın teknolojiyi size sunmaktadır.

Uygulama Tabanlı Kritik Teknoloji/Ürün Geliştirme

Fotonika, askeri ya da ticari olarak stratejik olarak kabul edilebilen ve temin sıkıntısı çekilebilen
• Morötesi-Kızılötesi tekil sensör ve sensör dizinleri: HgCdTe, InGaAs, QWIP, Süper Örgü (Type 2 Superlattice), AlGaN/GaN,
• Yüksek güçlü yarı iletken lazerler (GaAs tabanlı),
• InGaN/GaN LED ailesi
• GaN yüksek güç RF transistörler
• SiC yüksek gerilim diyotlar gibi bileşenlerin prototip ya da ürün hedefli geliştirilmesinde proje tabanlı çalışmalar yapmaktadır. Belirtilen ürün gamı Fotonika’nın sadece mevcut tecrübesi dahilindekiler olup diğer teknolojiler için lütfen ulaşınız.